Compost Bonanza!

The students were wanting to amend the soil in their garden and lo, Natural Soil Solutions in Santa Rosa heard the call and donated a full truckload of their finest compost.

Some students wanted to stay after school and help put the compost in their wooden raised beds.  So the final bell rung and slowly kids trickled in to begin working with their hands.

The day was overcast but quickly warmed up with sweat and exertion. I am glad that their club is taking the initiative and slowly transforming a piece of land into something they can be proud of.

I, again, want to say thank you to Natural Soil Solutions for their generous donation of compost.  This will go a long way in helping heal our land and create a good soil structure for many generations.  I first met the owner at a Sustainable Agriculture Conference. He was giving away samples of his compost and it blew me away.  The McAllen Composting Facility was there also and had some great compost for samples.  I have used McAllen in the past and must say they are getting better but as far as not being able to tell what the compost was made from….Natural Soil had it down.  It was almost silt-like but super heavy.

If anyone in the Rio Grande Valley wants to know how to get a hold of some of this awesome compost you can contact:

Jimbo Bitner

1.2 Miles N. of Hwy 107 on FM 1425 Santa Rosa | TX, Texas 78593

About ideadonnafarm

I am the resident farmer for IDEA Public Schools in Donna, Texas. I, along with the students, tend an acre right on the school grounds. The things I grow go straight to the students plate, fresh and healthy. This blog is about the projects, ideas (pun), and all around happenings on the IDEA Donna farm. If you live in the area and want to help out, feel free to email me at
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