IDEA at the Weslaco Farmer’s Market

So what is a farmer to do with extra produce sitting in the ground?

Sell it to the staff.

What about if there aren’t any staff because they are on break?

Go to the nearest farmer’s market.

The sign says McAllen but the TFR has set up another one on Thursday Nights at 5-7:30 off of 4th street in downtown Weslaco. 

So this past Thursday afternoon I harvested lettuce, spinach, and radishes and loaded up my car to the max with an 8ft table and drove over to the market. 

I brought what I thought was a lot of produce.  I was mistaken. 

I sold out in 30 minutes. 

So I got to take a look around.  I met a man from Rangerville who grows hothouse tomatoes and tends to goats. 

I tasted a heirloom grapefruit (the inside is yellow not red) and was affirmed in a new favorite fruit. 

And I also realized I wasn’t the only IDEA participant there.

 Mr. Alberto Gulino, from IDEA Mission, was there with his mobile brick oven pizza selling hot and fresh made pies for passersby.  Legit.

Overall it was a great experience and I got to talk to great people about the farm and what it does for IDEA. 

I plan on being at the market every Thursday from now on, so if you want to taste some of the awesome vegetables from the Donna farm be there quick cause they go fast. 

Back to the farm,

Farmer Tuley

About ideadonnafarm

I am the resident farmer for IDEA Public Schools in Donna, Texas. I, along with the students, tend an acre right on the school grounds. The things I grow go straight to the students plate, fresh and healthy. This blog is about the projects, ideas (pun), and all around happenings on the IDEA Donna farm. If you live in the area and want to help out, feel free to email me at
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